building on A LEGACY

Mario Sierra, grandson of Norwegian design pioneer Gerd Hay-Edie, has taken the helm at Mourne Textiles, driving forward the longstanding family business and building on a remarkable legacy established back in the early 1950s


From as far back as I can remember I’ve had looms in my life. From I was 7 years old, we lived in a small house attached to the workshop so after school the workshop would become my playground. There is nowhere I feel more at home than in the workshop surrounded by our looms, piles of yarn and the smell of the lanolin in the wool. Our house was and still is full of my grandmother’s and my mother’s textile designs – rugs, blankets, cushions, furnishing fabrics, curtains.


Decor Kitchens & Interiors, 2nd Floor, Conway Mill, Conway Street, Belfast, BT13 2DE

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